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Cheryl & Paul Legg 2014

W E L C O M E 
from Cheryl & Paul Legg !
We are Optimistic about Health!

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     Shaklee has been part of my life since I was a sickly child. My parents joined Shaklee over 47 years ago due to my mom’s poor health. She had rheumatoid arthritis and was close to becoming wheel-chair bound.  Once my mom realized much better health without needing that wheel chair, Shaklee was shared with me and soon my doctor visits were measurably reduced. As our entire family got healthier, my parents shared the products with their friends who were inspired to share with THEIR friends.
     I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, . In preparation for major reconstructive surgery, I was bemused when the plastic surgeon said my skin was some of the nicest skin he had ever seen. I attributed it to the quality nutrition I put into and onto my body over the years. Our family only uses safe daily care products and non-toxic natural cleaning products that are safe, powerful, green and smart. I was very happy that I did not need chemotherapy or radiation treatments. The doctors respected that I had quality nutritional supplements and they were happy with how quickly I recovered!
     After nine years, in 2013 my cancer had slowly come back in the form of bone metastases. I was admitted into the hospital with cancer wrapped around my spinal cord. After having 10 radiation treatments, monthly bone treatments, and a daily regimen of Shaklee supplements, Paul and I celebrate me getting stronger, more fearless and wiser.  I am a warrior working toward the victor stage! We sure appreciate the importance of diet, supplementation and a non-toxic home.
     We are also thankful that the business income continued while I was in the hospital and then recovering at home. This was due to our incredible business team and long-time customers. We really love our home-based business. It is exciting to help friends and family find ways to get healthier and make a healthier income.



I remember the first time I visited Cheryl's parents while we were dating. On their counter was a box that looked just like my boxes of fishing lures. I thought, "Cool! They are fishermen, too!!"  Then I found out the box contained all sorts of tablets and capsules. Now I was a one-a-day type pill taker. I had no clue what good nutritional support was about. A few years later, Cheryl and I were married. I was still hesitant about her nutritional regimen.  Long story short, I took some of the Shaklee supplements but really had a tipping point after I attended a Shaklee science symposium and talked with one of the scientists about frost damage on my nose. I took that doctor's advice and soon realized great improvement in my health and the damaged area on my nose. One day, I didn't have Shaklee with me and bought some drugstore vitamins. In a short time, my nose was back to the challenges I had prior to taking Shaklee's supplements. After that, I didn't waste any time getting back to my Shaklee and I listen more attentively now when Cheryl recommends supplements for better nutrition. I am looking forward to the day when I can retire from my current job to partner full time with Cheryl and help others realize better health and wellness.


Stories tell who we are and why we do what we do.  We would love to hear your story!


Our desire is to find solutions for all who desire healthier lives and a better income. If you are ready, we are ready to help you start creating healthier lives and financial freedom with your own business.

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Thank you, and Healthy Blessings!
Cheryl & Paul